Biomarker testing is driving a new standard of care

Backed by leading cancer research and advocacy organizations, the Clear Your View initiative aims to ensure complete biomarker testing informs treatment decisions for every advanced cancer patient.

Use results to determine the best treatment plan

New targeted therapies are extending survival for patients with advanced cancers

Patients with targetable alterations respond better to targeted therapy than immunotherapy1

Incomplete testing can lead to sub-optimal patient outcomes

Targeted Therapy


Response Rates



Response Rates

Overall Response, Targeted Therapy vs. Immunotherapy


of CRC patients have a mutation that means anti-EGFRs will not work to treat their disease8

72% of advanced CRC patients who received anti-EGFR therapy did not have RAS and BRAF testing8

Roadmap to complete biomarker testing


Test every patient for all recommended biomarkers


for complete biomarker results


with the best possible therapies

Community oncologists are committed to complete biomarker testing

Growing patient awareness

A thriving community of patient organizations advocate for complete testing before treatment

ALK Positive
Fight Colorectal Cancer
Global Colon Cancer Association
GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
KRAS Kickers
Paltown Development Foundation
Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Clear your view with our comprehensive reference kit