Incomplete biomarker testing can lead to inappropriate treatment selection

Only 40% of advanced CRC patients get complete guideline-recommended biomarker testing8


The number of biomarkers guidelines recommend testing CRC patients for before treatment

Testing for all guideline-recommend biomarkers before starting treatment can help predict which treatment will work and what won’t







* indicates biomarker with FDA-matched therapy available

Biomarker testing results can predict a poor response to EGFR therapy

If a patient has a mutation in KRAS, NRAS, or BRAF genes, anti-EGFR therapies alone will not work.8

Prevalence of negative predictors to anti-EGFR therapy

Pie chart

Complete-biomarker testing offers advanced CRC patients a chance for longer survival

Cetuximab and encorafenib combination extends survival in patients with a BRAF V600E mutation, who typically respond poorly to standard therapies.17

Line graph
Median Overall Survival
mo (95%CI)
Progression-Free Survival
mo (95%CI)
BRAF Regimen 8.4 (7.5-11.0) 4.2 (3.7-5.4)
Control 5.4 (4.8-6.6) 1.5 (1.5-1.7)
Median Overall Survival
mo (95%CI)
BRAF Regimen 8.4 (7.5-11.0)
Control 5.4 (4.8-6.6)
Progression-Free Survival
mo (95%CI)
BRAF Regimen 4.2 (3.7-5.4)
Control 1.5 (1.5-1.7)